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spray painting works in Jurong, using 2k spray paint Singapore

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Spray Works

Spray Painting Works

Looking for 2K spray painting for your vehicle? SATM utilises premium grade 2K spray paints and coatings for a full range of paint refinishes for the automotive industry. From collision repair to a full makeover, we offer professional, affordable, quality, protection and depth paint refinish and premium coatings.

Spray painting can help give your vehicle’s exterior a brand new look. It can also help to protect your vehicle from corrosion and touch up scratches caused by a minor accident. Whatever the reason is for spray painting your vehicle, you would definitely want a spray painting workshop to do a quality spray paint job.

With our qualified technicians with years of experience and extensive range of colours and products available, there’s no better time to get your vehicle looking like new again. Come to our spray painting workshop, which is located at Pioneer Centre (Jurong area). Your trusted vehicle spray painting specialist in Singapore.

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