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Authorised Workshop

Trust is the cornerstone of business. Over 40 years, we have established ourselves in the motor insurance industry and have rapidly gained reliable like-minded partners. We believe in the transparency in communication and process to account for our work done and continuously work towards build strong rapport and good relationship with all our valued customers.

Approved Workshop for these Insurers:

  • How much to do up a panel for knocking and spray?
    The price ranges from $200 onwards. Do come to our workshop for a quote.
  • How long does it take to spray exterior of a saloon vehicle?
    If using the same colour, it will take 7 working days. For changing of exterior colours, it will take at least 15 working days.
  • For servicing of vehicle, what will be the items you will be changing and checking?
    We will be changing the engine oil, oil filter, air filter and checking of the brake system, tyre pressure, all the necessary fluids. Do highlight to us if you require other checking ie. Engine vibrations, noisy undercarriage.
  • How does the insurance claim process work?
    We are the approved workshop for various insurers. So first, do check if we are able to repair your vehicle under your policy. We will then submit the necessary documents to your insurer to arrange survey. A surveyor will assess your vehicle for the damage and will advise the repair job. Once it has been authorized repair, parts will be ordered and body work will be dismantled. After completion of the job, the surveyor will retake the finishing work and submit to his company.
  • Will I be updated with the process of the claim? Ie. Third Party claim
    You will be updated once there is news on the claims and we will arrange for you to send in the vehicle for repair. There are many scenarios whereby third party claim is not straightforward, we will advise you accordingly.
  • Do you do insurance coverage?
    Yes, we are authorised agent for some insurers. Do contact us for comparison on insurance coverage premiums.
  • Do you assist to do deregister of vehicle and scrap/export?
    We do vehicle trading, deregister, scrap and export of vehicles. Contact us for prices.
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