Insurance claims can be a hassle especially when you meet an accident and you have no idea what to do next. Do give us a call and we will able to assist you on your enquires. Being the authorised workshop for many insurers, we make insurance claims at ease for customers. We update ourselves with GIA procedures and rules, so that we are able to keep up with the changes in insurance.
Documents to prepare for reporting
  1. Copy of insurance certificate

  2. Driver has to be present for reporting with driving license & IC.

  3. Vehicle has to be in workshop for photo-taking purpose.

  4. Details of Accident

  5. Any form of videos or photos

  6. Company stamp for insureds under company entities

  7. Police Report / Malaysia Report / Medical Receipts

Vehicle Photos of Before & After Repair

I'm a title

accident claim

Before & After of a Hyundai Saloon

I'm another title

I'm another title

accident claim

Before & After of a BMW Saloon

accident claim

Before & After Repair of a Prime Mover